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A Hero card in Artifact
Artifact 2.0 is coming soon!
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The gameplay of Artifact: The Dota Card Game takes place on a variety of cards.

There are a variety of card types,


To play a card of a certain color, you must control a hero of that color in that lane.

  • Black Cards.pngBlack
    • Black cards are assassins. They focus on slaying enemy heroes and capitalizing on the gold gain to snowball their early lead.
  • Red Cards.pngRed
    • Red cards are comprised of aggressive, well statted units that aim to crush the opponent in the early game. However, their spells cards are weaker than other colors as a drawback.
  • Green Cards.pngGreen
    • Green is the support set of cards, summoning creatures and buffing them to overwhelm the opponent.
  • Blue Cards.pngBlue
    • Blue is the control color. With weak heroes that become stronger later, they make up for it with big and flashy spells that wipe boards clean.


There are four different rarities of cards in Artifact - three of which are collectible,

  • Basic
    • Basic Cards form all noncollectable cards in Artifact, and are required to play the game. They are granted on purchase.
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
    • You are guaranteed at least one Rare per Booster Pack.

Every card in a booster pack has a chance to be a Rare card.

How do I earn cards?

Artifact's economy is mostly pay to play. Packs can be purchased with Steam Wallet currency, and singles can be bought and sold on the Steam Community Market. Your opening purchase will grant game access, 10 Booster Packs and 2 Starter Decks of 54 cards each.

Card packs can also be rewarded for winning Expert Gauntlets that have an entry cost. Among these Gauntlets, a Keeper Draft mode allows you to keep the cards you drafted for this game mode at the cost of five card packs on top of the entry fee.

Card Stats

Stat Count
Current Number of Cards 310
Rare 77
Uncommon 78
Common 82
Basic 73

Known Card List

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