Artifact: The Dota Card Game Wiki
  • Double Edge can typically be used on an ally red hero to deal 8 additional damage for only 1 mana in situations where the -8 Armor doesn't matter too much; for example, vs a tower, or in a situation where the red hero will die anyway.
  • Double Edge can also be used on enemy red heroes in order to make them extremely fragile that turn; for example, to make them take 8 more damage from your melee creep.
  • Double Edge can be combined with Rend Armor to potentially grant an allied red hero +8 permanent armor. This works by Double Edge applying a temporary -8 Armor debuff, then Rend Armor changing armor to 0 by applying a +8 Armor permanent buff, then the Double Edge -8 Armor debuff expiring, leaving the hero with +8 Armor.