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Condemn is a keyword in Artifact.

A condemned entity is instantly destroyed. Only entities present on the board (i.e. units, improvements, and items equipped to heroes) can be condemned. Condemning a unit awards the appropriate amount of gold to the opposing player as if that player had killed it through combat or other means. Units can only avoid dying to a condemn effect if they have a Death Shield -- other effects like Damage Immunity and Armor are irrelevant.

List of cards with Condemn[ | ]

Annihilation card image
Apotheosis Blade card image
Bracers of Sacrifice card image
Corrosive Mist card image
Coup de Grace card image
Demagicking Maul card image
Lich card image
Obliterating Orb card image
Pugna card image
Ravenhook card image
Ravenous Mass card image
Raze card image
Revtel Investments card image
Slay card image
Smash Their Defenses! card image