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Fountains are a zone that heroes return to after being destroyed in Artifact.

Summary[ | ]

When not in play on the game board, Heroes await redeployment in the Fountain. Heroes can either return to the Fountain through dying or manually with cards like Town Portal Scroll.

Effects[ | ]

When a hero returns to the fountain, it keeps all of it's equipped items and is restored to it's current maximum Health. Permanent modifiers persist, while any effects that would usually persist until death that do not explicitly say "Modify" are removed - such as Viper Strike, Track and Caught Unprepared.

Time To Redeploy[ | ]

Heroes have to wait a period of time in the Fountain before being able to be redeployed in the Deployment Phase. The time spent is conditional upon how the hero entered the Fountain. Note: The round the hero is removed from play counts toward the wait time, so a hero that has to wait 1 round will be immediately available for redeployment in the next Deployment Phase.

Condition Rounds to Wait
Deployment Slot 5 2
Killed 2
Deployment Slot 4 1
Rapid Deployment 1
Voluntary Return 1

Items such as Town Portal Scroll count as a Voluntary Return. Once the time spent in the fountain is fulfilled, the hero must be redeployed in the next Deployment Phase.