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Item Shop

Pictured: the shopping phase, with the Secret Shop (left), the Item Shop (center), the Consumables Shop (right), and the End Phase button (far right)

The Item Shop is the primary source for items at the end of each round, during the Shopping Phase.

Shops[ | ]

The Item Shop consists of three different shops.

1) Secret Shop

  • Automatically generated, and not built by the player.
  • Sells one random item in each Shopping Phase.
  • Can be any item that is not a basic consumable item.
  • Hold: If you pay 1 Gold, the item in the Secret Shop slot will be the same the next shopping phase.

2) Item Shop (A.K.A. the Item Deck)

  • Manually constructed by the player as a part of the deck building process. Minimum of 9 item cards.
  • The item deck is shuffled each shopping phase and will offer the player one random card from the item deck for purchase.
  • Players may purchase any amount of cards from their remaining item shop during the Shopping Phase. Buying a card from the item shop will reveal the card behind it.
  • Each player's item shops are finite. Once a player buys out their entire item deck, their item shop will be empty for the rest of the game.
  • Can only contain Item (Weapon), Item (Armor) and Item (Accessory) cards.

3) Consumables Shop