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Items are a type of Artifact card that is purchased for Gold Gold during the Shopping Phase.

General Information[ | ]

Items are almost always acquired from the Shop by purchasing them with gold, but it is also possible to create them with the blue spell ...And One For Me.

Items are divided into the following categories: Equipment items (which include Weapons, Accessories, and Armors), and Consumable items. Equipment items can be attached to heroes, permanently bestowing them with bonus stats, and potentially even special abilities, unless/until the item is forcibly removed by another card effect.

Heroes retain their equipped items through death.

Items do not cost mana, and they do not require a specific hero color in order to use them.

Heroes can only carry one of each type of equipment (Weapon, Accessory, Armor) at a time. If a player desperately wishes to, they can override an item slot in order to replace equipment. For example, if a hero is carrying a Short Sword (a Weapon) and the player wishes to give them a Blink Dagger (another Weapon), the Sword will be deleted in the process in order to make room for the Blink Dagger. Items that are overridden this way are irrevocably lost forever.

Item Categories[ | ]

Equipment[ | ]

Each Hero has three item slots, one for each type of equipment.

  • Weapon - Boosts attack. Can also provide additional effects or abilities.
  • Armor - Boosts armor. Can also provide additional effects or abilities.
  • Accessory - Boosts health. Can also provide additional effects or abilities.

Consumables[ | ]

Consumables are a type of item that can only be used once, for a one-time-only effect. In this sense, they are very similar in usage to Spells. Consumables can heal, grant an additional draw, teleport a hero back to the fountain, etc. Normal consumables such as Golden Ticket, Obliterating Orb, and Shop Deed can be bought from the secret shop or included in the item deck. Basic consumables cannot be included in the item deck or found in the secret shop; instead, they are what comprises a player's consumables shop. They are Healing Salve, Fountain Flask, Town Portal Scroll, and Potion of Knowledge. Each player is offered only one such random basic consumable each shopping phase, rolling for a new random basic consumable each round.

List of Item Cards[ | ]

Apotheosis Blade card image
Assassin's Veil card image
Barbed Mail card image
Blade of the Vigil card image
Blink Dagger card image
Book of the Dead card image
Bracers of Sacrifice card image
Broadsword card image
Chainmail card image
Claszureme Hourglass card image
Claymore card image
Cloak of Endless Carnage card image
Demagicking Maul card image
Fountain Flask card image
Fur-lined Mantle card image
Golden Ticket card image
Healing Salve card image
Helm of the Dominator card image
Hero's Cape card image
Horn of the Alpha card image
Jasper Daggers card image
Keenfolk Musket card image
Keenfolk Plate card image
Leather Armor card image
Nyctasha's Guard card image
Obliterating Orb card image
Phase Boots card image
Platemail card image
Poaching Knife card image
Potion of Knowledge card image
Red Mist Maul card image
Revtel Signet Ring card image
Ring of Tarrasque card image
Ristul Emblem card image
Rumusque Vestments card image
Seraphim Shield card image
Shield of Aquila card image
Shield of Basilius card image
Shiva's Guard card image
Shop Deed card image
Short Sword card image
Stonehall Cloak card image
Stonehall Pike card image
Stonehall Plate card image
Town Portal Scroll card image
Traveler's Cloak card image
Vesture of the Tyrant card image
Wingfall Hammer card image