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- Lycan is generally most effective when he has an allied unit to both his left and right, or when he has the potential to place units to his sides.

- Lycan can use his aura to use weaker units to trade up with stronger units.

- Melee creeps next to Lycan will generally one-shot enemy melee creeps, giving him strong potential to snowball a lane.

- It is possible to manipulate the battlefield such that the empty combat spots end up next to Lycan, making it more likely that creeps spawn there in order to get buffed by him, or just so that you can place a unit or hero there down the road when you want or need to.

- Similarly, it is also possible to manipulate the battlefield such that an enemy Lycan will be "isolated" on the sides of a lane so that he can only place units to one side of himself.

EXAMPLES: (X) are enemy units, (L) is Lycan, and (_) are empty combat slots.

Here, Lycan can place a unit to both his left or his right. It is highly likely that a creep that spawns into this lane will be able to naturally take advantage of Lycan's aura, and he will also be able to have two units affected by his aura.

(_) ( L ) (_)

(X) (X) (X)

Here, Lycan can only place a unit to his right. It is less likely that a creep will spawn next to him to naturally take advantage of his aura, and it is currently not possible for him to have more than one unit buffed by his aura.

( L ) (_) (_)

(X) (X) (X)