Artifact: The Dota Card Game Wiki

- Mazzie's signature card, Steel Reinforcement, is one of only two ways in the game to give your tower armor, the other being Vesture of the Tyrant.

- Steel Reinforcement is great for slowing down pushes from groups of weak units, such as those summoned from Dimensional Portal or Sow Venom.

- In an ideal scenario, the Mazzie player wants to recognize which lane they want to give up or slow down as early as possible, and then armor up that lane.

- Steel Reinforcement can be tricky to use. The Mazzie player must strike a balance between deploying Steel Reinforcement early to protect as much tower health as possible, vs deploying it later when the tower is damaged and the opponent is very committed to that lane. There are pros and cons to both lines of play. If deployed early it will protect more health, but the opponent might choose to commit less to pushing that lane. If deployed too late, the already-damaged tower might die anyway.

- While Steel Reinforcement cannot always save a Tower (because the tower might already be too low), it will almost always very severely slow down a push for the Ancient.

- Steel Reinforcement can be used as a means to slow down a push just long enough for the player to later come back and defend it properly.

- Because Steel Reinforcement does not directly impact the board-state at all, it is generally best to only use it when the lane it is being casted from has some breathing room to do so.

- Due to his high armor, Mazzie excels at fighting weaker units repeatedly, potentially ad-infinitum.

- Piercing Damage can be used to bypass both Mazzie's high innate armor and the armor he grants his towers.