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This is a list of popular Memes in the Artifact community.

Pre-Beta Memes[ | ]

Modify me With a Beta Key[ | ]

A meme commonly used which appeared after the official artifact twitter explained the difference in game mechanics between the [modify] and [give] effect. After that tweet people started to ask for keys with the suggested phrase "modify me with a beta key."[1]

Dancing Monkeys[ | ]

Between PAX WEST 2018 and the release of the open beta, community giveaways became commonplace.  Valve having decided against announcing any official ways into the beta, outsourced all giveaways to community members.  Many of these community members had requirements for entering these giveaways which involved things such as, following them on twitter, watching their twitch streams, submitting artwork, memes, and even subbing to them on twitch. After assumedly participating in many of these tasks redditor u/NotAlfurion commented about peoples struggles in obtaining a key. [2] Referring in his post to those chasing keys as monkeys dancing to please the beta key holders. This quickly became a copypasta and became a common sight on the subreddit.

References[ | ]

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