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Pathing cards being placed infront of unblocked units

Pathing, or unit combat targeting, decides where an unblocked unit will attack during the combat phase.

Summary[ | ]

At the end of the Deployment Phase, all preexisting unblocked units have their pathing decided by Pathing Cards. A unit has a 50% to attack directly infront them (which usually means that they will attack the tower), a 25% chance to attack the left enemy neighbour and a 25% chance to attack the right enemy neighbour. If a direction is rolled that doesn't have a unit present, the unit will attack forward.

Action Phase[ | ]

Any new unblocked unit that is played during the Action Phase will have a Pathing Card placed automatically to decide it's attack direction.

Resetting Pathing[ | ]

  • Placing an allied unit in front of a enemy unit that is currently attacking a target to it's left or right will reset the target of the enemy unit to the new allied unit in front of it.
  • Removing a unit's current target from play will reset pathing to be straight forward.
  • Swapping a unit will not reset pathing to be straight forward. The arrows for the current position will remain when cards are swapped. For example, if an Axe is attacking left and a Melee Creep is attacking forward and you Cunning Plan them, after swapping the Axe will be attacking forward and the Melee Creep will be attacking left.

Path Cards[ | ]