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Prellex is a utility hero in Artifact. Her specialty is to overwhelm the enemy by spawning creeps in particular lanes, blocking the enemy from dealing damage to towers and ancients, and in some case, newly deployed heroes.

Like any Blue CardsBlue hero, she specialize in board control.

Strengths and Weaknesses[ | ]

Prellex's signature card: Barracks

Strengths[ | ]

  • Prellex can completely deny stronger creeps or heroes from reaching a tower every turn by spawning up to 4 additional Melee Creeps in front of them as long as she is alive in the lane before the deployment phase or as long as her improvement, Barracks, is deployed in the lane.
  • Prellex can indirectly protect newly positioned heroes by spawning a creep with them (so the hero does not get targeted by the stronger unit).
  • Prellex signature card is a improvement, making that it can be played as long as there is a Blue CardsBlue, non-silenced hero present on the board.
  • Since Barracks is an improvement, Prellex does not need to be present on the battlefield at all time to be effective.
  • Barracks can spawn up to 3 more creeps on her side, allowing her to deal, overall, more damage to the enemy, and indirectly block the enemy from dealing damage to her towers.

Weaknesses[ | ]

  • Prellex has one of the weakest body (5 Health) and attack (3 Atk) in the game, meaning that most Red and Black heroes can kill her in one hit. She also cannot kill Melee Creeps in one hit.
  • For Prellex passive ability to trigger, she must stay alive on the board for one round.
  • If a hero can redirect their attack to her, make her taunt or provoque her into a duel, she will likely die.
  • Cards or abilities that can redirect a unit's attack mitigate Prellex's ability to indirectly protect units and towers.
  • Cards or abilities that deals damage to towers without going trough the lane's battlefield mitigate Prellex's ability to protect her towers.

General strategy[ | ]

Deck composition[ | ]

Prellex usually works best in decks that contains Green CardsGreen cards, since Green cards can prevent her from taking damage, allow her to heal or buff her creeps. If she is played with a Black CardsBlack deck, she must be paired with gold-generating abilities since no Black card can directly protect her.

Cards that allow her to change lane or position, absorb damage or reduce the enemy attack help her to stay alive if she is targeted.

Since she can spawn additional creeps, creep-buffing abilities can make her strategy stronger.

Deck placement[ | ]

Since Prellex has one of the weakest body in the game, it is advised to not play her as one of the first heroes on the board. She also doesn't spawn a Melee Creeps with her on the first round if used as one of the three first-round heroes.

Board placement[ | ]

On the board, Prellex works well with creeps or heroes who can protect her by taking hits, heal her, or give her armor. She can also be placed in lanes that are already full, making her hard or impossible to hit. She works best in lanes that are contested by an inferior number of units with strong enemies.

Peak time[ | ]

Prellex is a stronger hero mid to late game since she can completely deny the enemy units from reaching the tower every turn. The longer a game last, the more difficult it is to bypass Prellex's creeps. Since they spawn ad infinitum, Prellex's creeps have to be constantly taken down in order to not get overwhelmed by them.

Once equipped with items, Prellex can survive most attacks and kill basic creeps by herself, allowing her to trigger her passive ability more easily.

Although weak against decks composed with high attack heroes at the start of a match, she tends to be effective at blocking them later on.

Counters[ | ]

Since Prellex strategy needs time to develop, she is weaker against deck that are able to pressure her towers very quickly in early game (typically composed of Red CardsRed and Black CardsBlack cards) and decks that contain cards capable of destroying her improvements mid game. Siege and tower damage cards also mitigate Prellex's ability to protect her tower, defeating part of her strategy.

Since Prellex's signature card is by far her strongest attribute, decks built around countering will have a higher chance to defeat her.