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| name  =
| image = 
| type  =
| cd    = 
| text =
| notes =
Attribute Description
name The name of the ability. Copy the exact in-game name.
image Ability icon, if one exists. Use Unknown_icon.png if ability has no icon. Leave out if ability belongs to an item.
type Type of the ability. Valid selections are: Active, Reactive, Continuous, Passive.
cd The cooldown of the ability. In number form.
text The verbatim text of the ability as written ingame.
notes Anything else about the ability goes here. Only Mechanics and special interactions.


| name  = Test Ability
| image = File:Pack Leadership icon.png
| type  = Active
| cd    = 3
| text = This is test text.
| notes = * This is a test note.
* This is another test note.
Pack Leadership icon.png
Test Ability
Active Ability
Active Cd symbol.png 3: This is test text.


  • This is a test note.
  • This is another test note.