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REPLACE are a type of building in Artifact: The Dota Card Game.


When the game was initially announced during the second evening of the 2017 Internationals, very little was included in the teaser video. When broadcaster Sean "Day9" Plott described the game, however, he stated:

I played a game where I was getting my ass kicked in two lanes. I kept building barracks in the third [lane], and I kept flooding the lane with creeps.

This suggests that the same game mechanics from Dota will feature in the game; accordingly, we can assume this building will also be in the card game.


Towers are lane guardians. Essentially, they protect each lane on the game board, attracting Creeps and waylaying them from progressing. In Dota, these towers can be increased to several tiers - it is unknown whether or not this will carry over to Artifact.